Monday, November 2, 2009

The Tastiest Lab C EVER!!!!!

In Lab C, I feel we were really put in a more difficult situation being in the squash courts. I was really nervous going in that Professor Yang was going to throw us a few curve balls because we were not able to watch all 6 courts at the same time. Thankfully nothing went wrong and I was able to notice things before they got out of hand. As you can see in my Feedback Analysis Form, there were some things that I had to attend to. Mainly it was just people forgetting to wear their goggles which could have been a big problem if someone had gotten hit in the face without them on. One issue I had to attend to was on the last court where the students were horsing around on the court and not following the appropriate cues of the serve. I contained the situation and asked them kindly to follow the schedule sheet.
On to the rest my performance. I feel it was my best one yet and the numbers do not lie. As seen on my time coding sheet. My numbers were the best they have ever been. I improved drastically on my instruction time which was usually in the 40% range was 28% today. I feel like a spoke faster than normal but was still fluent and also I feel that the practice I did a few days before helped me weed out the unnecessary facts and sayings to bring down my instruction time. Also Another style that I used was that I explained everything first then sent everyone off to play. This allowed me not to worry about people having to go back and forth from courts and wasting time. All I had to do was blow my whistle and tell them to perform the next task on the schedule. That is one reason why although my task were different and progressively got more difficult, I tried to keep them similar so it would not take as much time to explain. The only flaw that I encountered was my management time which was 22%. I did expect this though due to the student having to walk out from court 1 to the court they were participating on and then walk back at the end.

Although I was skeptical about being on the observation deck but one positive thing that really benefitted me was my ability to give feedback. It was a lot easier being able to walk down the line and watch each person for a few moments then give them quick feedback. This allowed me to give feedback to every student in the class except one, which I was really happy about.

Overall I feel the strongest part of the lesson was 2 separate areas. One being my checking for safety. As I walked to each court I made sure everyone had their goggles on and the students that were not serving had their faces covered with their rackets. The second thing that I think went really well was the theme that me and Frank used. We used our cooking theme and made it last through the whole lesson. The best part was eating the squash after, I have to say I did a pretty good job cooking it.

The weakness of the lesson did not take place that day. Our Lesson Plan was not the strongest one made. I have to say, one positive of the lesson plan process was that I now have a much better understanding of the whole process thanks to our lab assistants. I really struggled due to it being the first one I have ever done but I intend on progressing to new heights in the future.


  1. heyy mike,
    good job with your lesson and your post. I like how you put incorporated pictures. The one thing you are missing is your transcript. Just add that and you will be all set

  2. Eldorado PE says...
    Hey there Mike.......great job with your racketball lesson. A tremendous amount of positive feedback in your lesson. Always so important to keep students motivated. Enjoyed watching and seeing how much you are growing as a teacher. Keep up the great work!!