Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sorry Professor, but this day belongs to the USA. Today I watched an American man win a race that has been dominated by the continent of Africa for the past 27 years. 27 years ago on the first Sunday in November Alberto Salazar won the NYC marathon and since that great day America has not broken the tape. It all changed today when Mebrahtom Keflezighi, otherwise known as "MEB", outdid the highest class field the New York Road Runners have ever assembled. Going into the race I did not even think Meb could be the top American finisher but the man just persevered today, he did not worry about the pack of 10 Africans that surrounded him at all, he just followed his rhythm and realized that they were not running out his league. Yes the guys next to him have Personal Best up to 5 minutes faster than Meb but in the rolling hills on Central park South its about who has the most guts and can still grind out those 4:55's 22 miles into the race. I never thought that I would see this day as it nearly brought a tear to my eye and forced me to go out and celebrate with a nice 50 minute run with some buddies. American distance running has slowly been rising up to the levels of the Africans with help from guys like "Ritz" and "Teg" but never has anyone done something like this and it is making a statement saying that we are not going be intimidated by these men who have dominated the sport for the past few decades. We are going to run shoulder to shoulder and if they do not want to make the move then we are going to and make them suffer. I hope that this leads to more great things to come and more publicity for the great sport of Distance Running.


  1. Mike,
    Glad you're inspired by an elite athlete born outside of the US - MEB was born in Eritrea. J/K. It is quite a feat and I'm glad you hammered out a nice long run. BTW - How is your team doing?

  2. were doing ok its going really well and im learning alot. Im mainly trying to get the kids to truly love the sport

  3. This was so great that an American has finally won again! This is going to inspire so many more people to start running more. We're running the NYC Marathon in the fall next year with running club... you should think about doing it with us Mike! I love the way you wrote this post by the way. And P.S.- you probably had no idea that i followed your blog but I found it one day and thought it'd be good to see what I'll be doing in 255. :)