Friday, December 18, 2009


After playing the game immune attack, there was one thing that really jumped out to me about it. There is just way to much information being given to the player. When they were explaining the buttons I was having so much trouble remembering all of them. I also feel that the descriptions of the diseases were way to descriptive. A lot of the information seemed like it belonged in a high level high school class or even a beginner anatomy class. Another thought about the game is that it would require the teacher to have an advanced knowledge of biology. This is necessary because if a student has a question the teacher needs to be able to answer it and make sure the student understands. This game would probably fit best in a Biology teacher's lesson.
This was the ship that flew through the blood vessels. I had to drive it around trying to kill the diseases. That was pretty cool because learning to drive it was pretty tricky but once I somewhat understood how to guide the ship it was interesting.
This is a map of the blood vessels. When the commander would give me a mission the disease would pop up on the map and I would have to guide my ship through the vessels using the map for directions.

The lesson I thought would be good for a unit like this is body composition and exercising because to keep our immune system strong we have to stay healthy and fit. Teaching kids what the body is made of and how hard we have to work to lose weight.
Lesson Plan
10 Task Sheet
Activity Sheet
There is no answer sheet required for this activity as the students are graded on levels of creativity. As stated on the sheet I want my students to get a visual grasp of what the body looks like in terms of these 3 components.

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