Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini Conference

So at the mini conference on 10/9/2009 I was a man of many trades. I was the head of the registration table which was pretty intense because we wanted to make sure Dr. Malmberg was happy. He really put a ton of work into this, so I tried to stress to my committee that they had to bring their A game. Luckily everything went very smoothly and we made A TON of money, more than double what we made last year. We will be able to use that money for the state conference which is great.
Now to Dr. Judy Rink, I tried to take as much as possible from her being that she created the text for 2 of the most important classes I will take in college. My favorite line that she had was "If you give them the skills, they will be active." That line just put a huge smile on my face and made me think wow, if we as PE teachers use great cues that sticks in the student's mind they will continue to use and remember these skills which will lead to more lifetime fitness. If we make it unique the students will never want to stop later in life. My friends and I in Suffern still today play Team Handball because my teacher Mr. Dempsey brought the game to new levels got the school addicted.
At the last 2 presentations I presided (seen in the photo above) for the sport stackers which was extremely fun to be a part of. That sport is awesome. If I had unreal coordination and super fast reactions I would definitely look into doing this. Sunnie, who is a freshman here, was 4th in the world in her age group so it was really cool to watch her move the cups up and down like it was nothing. I also got a t-shirt out of it so it really was a great day.

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