Monday, October 12, 2009


First of all let me say Jack's use of Jimmy V. inspired this post. This is my favorite speech of all time. I use it in all aspects of life. I showed it to my fellow cross-country team members my senior year of high school and we thrived off of it winning the league title for the first time in years. I feel this is apart of teaching because we have an opportunity given to us by the "Old Phys Ed" teachers, the ones who just throw the ball out their and say see you in 45 minutes. We have to go out their and change the way physical education is going. In 1979-1980 the United States was in ruins and the Soviets were dominating the Cold War. But on a cold February 22, 1980 night 20 men from the USA changed the war for good and everything changed. Well this situation is going to look a little familiar in about 15 years when we look back on it. We have to get into the field and change P.E. so we can see people be healthier and live longer. We are working to hard to fail and as Herb Brooks states; "This is your time!!! So go out there and take it."

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