Friday, October 16, 2009


Last night I attended the desmoid tumor relief foundation's annual fundraiser which is run by a very good family friend of mine. This foundation is the only one in the world supporting desmoid tumors which is pretty cool considering my closest friends and family took part in building it. It was a very emotional night as there were many speakers, one being Ted Kennedy Jr., Who spoke about his fight with cancer and losing his leg. It was pretty cool to see a guy of such stature at a fundraiser that only started 4 years ago. But of course this got me thinking about P.E. in some way and just how this is one thing that we as Physical Educators cannot prevent with our skills tumors grow just out of sheer bad luck. It can happen to any of us at any point of our lives. I watched a woman stand on the stage last night and tell us the story about how her child, who was under the age of 4, died due to a Desmoid Tumor and it just made me think how lucky we are. This is why we all have to live our lives to the absolute fullest and be healthy and be able to conquer challenges. We cannot waste it sitting in front of our x-box yelling at the madden player because he dropped a pass. Just a little wake up call to those people. IT'S FAKE!!!!! We have to explore and push our selves until we cannot do it anymore. The reason for this is because one day, not by choice we will be forced to only think about those days and not actually be involved in them

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